The Nature Island of the Caribbean

Dominica, not to be confused with the more developed Dominican Republic, is an unspoiled "off-the-beaten-track" paradise for nature lovers and adventurers. Dominica is located between the island of Guadalupe and Martinique in the Lesser Antilles.


Stunningly beautiful, the uncommon Caribbean island features: Jurassic nature, the World's 2nd largest boiling lake, active volcanoes, natural hot spas, the longest continuous hiking trail in the Caribbean, pristine coral reefs that provide a top ten snorkeling and diving destination, and the world's only year-around resident sperm whale population. Dominica is also designated as one of the "World's Best Ethical Destinations".

Waitukubuli was the name given to the island by the indigenous Amerindians, the Kalinago.  It means "Tall is her body", and the moment you land here you will understand why.  Dominica is the youngest island in the Caribbean, and offers unspoiled raw nature to visitors.  Volcanic peaks dominate the landscape and tropical rain forests cover two thirds of the island.  Soak in natural hot springs, swim in secluded pools at the bottom of amazing waterfalls and hike on over 300 miles of trails in pristine rain forest jungle. Hikers come for the world–class hiking on the Caribbean's longest trail.  Divers come to explore one of the top five diving destinations in the world. Other visitors come to enjoy “Nature at its best”.


Cloud9 Dominica is located on the northern coastline of Dominica and overlooks the beautiful and private Hodges Bay.  Our property is only 15 minutes from the Douglas Charles Airport (DOM) in Marigot.


The property sits between some of the best beaches Dominica offers and features a private trail down to Hodges Bay where guests can swim, snorkel or kayak to the beautiful surrounding cays, coastal areas and rivers.  


White and black sand beaches, pristine rivers, volcanic formations, hidden ocean pools, tropical forests and hiking trail heads all lie within walking distance of the property. 


Calibishie is a charming fishing and farming village where guests will find local and international restaurants, grocery stores, an ATM, a fish market and incredibly welcoming people.